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    Circles Golf is a brand dedicated to golf and the lifestyle surrounding it, both on and off the course.  At Circles Golf, we're thinking about golf 365 days a year.  We incorporate everyday aspects of life with our love for golf.  Just like a sports fan reps their favorite team daily, we have the same idea at Circles.  Our team is Circles Golf and our mascot is Chirps.  Circles Golf's goal is to provide original, fashionable, and fun ways to represent the team, even on days we can't make it out to the course, to show our love for the game.  

    In addition to our continual growing line of merchandise, we want Circles Golf to be a fun place to check out.  We'll keep you posted on the latest golf news, post must see content from the golf world, and host giveaways and contests regularly.  Check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts (@circlesgolf) to stay updated!